Membership Dues

  In the midst of this heat wave, I am appreciating the memory of a rainy-day picnic in the park on July 24th, A good time was had by all in attendance. 🍉🧀🌮 Members also enjoyed weekly barbecue opportunities at other members home, played pickle ball and attended movies.  
The time has come to renew your membership to HCNC.   Membership dues remain the same as last year, a real bargain given inflating prices everywhere else.   Please e transfer $30.00 per person to our treasurer Bonita Douglas at
If you have met other newcomers to Nanaimo over the summer, please invite them to our meeting September 20th.   If you are not planning to return please email Trish Sayer, Membership, at and she will remove you from the mailing list.  Your fellow members of Newcomers trust that our organization assisted you in learning about and settling into Nanaimo.  
Respectfully, Sheila Dunbar, President  

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