Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos taken at some of our activities and meetings. Seems we like to do a lot of hiking, eating (with maybe a few beverages) and just hanging out!

April 27 May 4 Thurs Hiking

Beachcomber Park May 8 2023

Harewood Plains May 11 2023

April 20, 2023 Colliery Falls

Piper’s Lagoon, April 2 2023, Monday Hike

March 30 2023 Ammonite Falls, Thursday Hike

Monday March 27 2023 Buttertubs Marsh

March 24 2023 Forest Bathing Morell Sanctuary

Singo, Black Bear Pub, March 2023

Wine Appreciation

March 20, 2023 Monday Hike to Moorcroft

March 16 2023 Thurs Hike to Dodds Narrows

Copley Ridge/Knarston Creek Hike, Thursday March 16

Monday Hike at Cottle Lake Park, March 13 2023

Thursday Hike to Hemer Park, March 9. 2023

Short Hike to Englishman River Falls, March 6 2023

Thursday Hike, Heritage Trail & Qualcum Beach, Feb. 2 2023

Thursday Hike, Abyss & Extension Trails, Jan. 26 2023

Monday Hiking, Buttertubs Marsh, January 30. 2023

Forest Bathing January 2023

Monday Hiking Group, Cable Bay, January 2023

Thursday Hike, Christie Falls, January 2023

crafty creations for Christmas 2022
playing SINGO at the Black Bear Pub

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